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Birch Street Plaza is public property of the City of Boston, run, organized and maintained by Roslindale Village Main Streets (RVMS) by a joint signed transfer of responsibility. Birch St Plaza is not a street or vehicular thoroughfare, but is classified as a sidewalk for City purposes. It is unique in the City of Boston being a complete sidewalk area, with abutting businesses which are able to use this space using the same process outlined below.


Events that can be held on the Birch St Plaza include festivals, fundraising, music, performances and other social events. RVMS owns a blanket Entertainment License, which covers this space and the entertainment that goes on within it, and therefore can advise as to what events can or cannot be held on the Plaza. Because of this, we suggest that events are ‘Presented by..’ or ‘In conjunction with..’ RVMS.


Our permit covers events Mondays-Thursdays (12pm-9pm), Fridays-Saturdays (10am-10pm), and Sundays (12pm-7pm) from April 1, 2022 to September 1, 2022. RVMS also has a Liability Insurance rider which covers the use of the space by RVMS.

To hold an event on Birch St Plaza:


Email with a proposed date, time, and as many details of your event request as possible. The request must include an organizer's contact information, event's intent, detailed activities, and event schedule. A plan of the space is useful if your event is big enough to fill the entire space. Raised sidewalks, doorways in front of businesses, etc. should be kept clear. RVMS will then contact you regarding the proposed event and work with you to make it happen!

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