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One of the main areas of our work is supporting our local businesses. We offer various forms of support to the businesses within our catchment area. See below to learn about some of the ways we can support your business!  

PROMOTION - We are happy to help promote your business to our community! If you are having a special promotion or you're holding an event and would like us to include it in our weekly newsletter, please email the information along with an image to Information must be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday in order to be included in that week's newsletter (which goes out on Wednesdays). 

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - By partnering with the City of Boston's Office of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion and other organizations around the city, we can connect your business with technical assistance in the areas of marketing, business strategy, accounting, legal, and more. If you are in need of technical assistance, reach out to us at

ROSSTORE The ROSStore Sign Improvement Program is a funding program to support businesses in Roslindale Village in obtaining new or updated signage for their storefront. Eligible businesses may apply for funding to be put towards a new sign for their storefront.

ROSSREADY - ROSReady is our New Business Support Program. Through the ROSReady Program, we invite new businesses to open up in vacancies and provide them with the guided support they need. The program provides help with marketing, resources, and regular check-ins to support businesses and help them navigate through the difficult early stages of opening a business. 

RESOURCES - To support our small business community, we keep a list of business resources to help with many of your business' needs. These resources include banking, contractors, insurance providers, and more! Additionally, we send out new resources and grant opportunities through our weekly email newsletter. If you would like to share a resource in our directory or newsletter, email us at

EMERGENCY RELIEF - In times of need, RVMS will work to provide emergency relief to our small business community. In the past we've provided COVID-19 mini grants and organized the temporary placement of businesses after the Corinth Street Crash in 2022. If you are experiencing an emergency at your business, reach out to us at

SHOP LOCAL - Every year, we host Small Business Saturday in Roslindale where we promote local shopping and publish gift guides. Did you know that the first Small Business Saturday was actually started here in Roslindale with the help of RVMS? 

VACANCIES - Interested in opening a business in Roslindale Village? We keep track of the current vacancies available for lease in our business district on our website. Check out the list to get in touch with the property owners!

Courtney Pong,

Owner of the Rozzie Square Theater and ComedySportz Boston

“When we were scouting a new neighborhood to call home for the theater, the first faces I met were at RVMS - they greeted me warmly, shared what support I could expect as a business owner in the Village, and matched our enthusiasm for what we wanted to build - building new and first ideas can be scary and tough, and we were about to be the only brick-and-mortar comedy club in Boston owned by a Woman and Asian American. We opened in large part because of RVMS’ encouragement - the level of passion for the neighborhood knocked me off my feet so much that relocating here was a no-brainer, and we haven’t looked back since."

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