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The ROSReady New Business Support Program supports new businesses in Roslindale Village. The program includes helpful resources for new businesses and offers benefits to help them succeed.


  • Business must be a legal business entity with physical operations and a commercial storefront location in the Roslindale Village catchment area

  • Business must not be part of a chain, franchise, or business with over 3 locations, or an employer with over 100 employees.

  • Business must be a private for-profit or non-profit organization. Public sector organizations will not be eligible.

  • Business must not be a temporary installation or pop-up.

  • Business must be either a completely new business OR a previously existing business that was operating in a different location. For example:

    • Moving from a storefront outside of the catchment area​

    • Expanding in addition to another location outside the catchment area

    • Moving or expanding from an upper floor location to a ground floor location

    • Moving to a storefront from a private residence

Businesses can join the program up to six months before and up to six months after they start operating in the RVMS catchment area*.


* For the Pilot Program, launching in 2023, this requirement will be expanded to include any businesses that began operating an eligible location on or after January 1, 2023. 


Any eligible business that is interested in participating will receive the following benefits:

  • Welcome Packet

  • Special feature in our weekly newsletter introducing the new business

  • Free year of Community Champion level sponsorship benefits, including:

    • Name and logo on our Sponsor and Supporter webpage​

    • Name included in our Annual Report

    • Name and @mention in a social media post thanking all Community Champions

    • One small business feature in our weekly newsletter

If you are a business owner of an eligible business, and you are interested in participating in the ROSReady Program, reach out to

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