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The Rozzie Flea Market at Adams Park is a fun opportunity to gather in our neighborhood, to meet our neighbors, and to clear a few items out of our basements--like a neighborhood yard sale. The application deadline is March 31. Join us Saturday, April 13, from 9am-12pm, to shop for second-hand treasures at Adams Park. You never know what you might find! 


Hey, what is this Rozzie Flea Market thing?

The Rozzie Flea Market is an event where neighbors from Roslindale and beyond can sell a bunch of stuff from their houses! It’s hosted at Adams Park and organized by the Roslindale Village Main Street Events Committee.


Cool! What can I sell?

Pretty much anything pre-owned and sensible – no guns, ammo, drugs (obviously). No food items. No recalled items. No self-made items (we have a separate Craft Fair for that!). If you can get your items here, and arrange them, so they are not a hazard to people, then you can sell them (or take them away at the end of the night). But remember, this is for neighbors to use – not for commercial enterprises, so don’t go bringing the suits from your Suit Shop or your pants from your Pant Shop. Ultimately, RVMS will have a couple of volunteers on site, and they will determine whether you can sell specific things or not.


Sweet. How can I sign up to participate? And does it cost anything?

Excellent! Use this link to sign up for a table and confirm by paying the $10 fee using the link that is emailed to you. We have 30 vendor spots available, and please, only sign up for one! Payments must be paid by April 10.

I think I will! What do I need to bring – apart from my stuff to sell?

You will bring your own table. You will supply the tags for your items, a method of taking payments (phone for payment apps such as Venmo, or cash & change, etc.), and anything else you might need (for example, anything used to display your items, bags, etc.).


Anything else I need to know?

Read the full Rules & Regulations here, but otherwise, leave Adams Park as you found it, and have fun, get rid of some stuff, and meet some new neighbors!

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