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The Rozzie Flea Market on Birch is a fun opportunity to gather in our neighborhood, to meet our neighbors and to clear a few items out of our basements--like a neighborhood yard sale. Join us every other Saturday to shop for second-hand treasures on Birch St. Plaza. You never know what you might find! 

The Flea Market is scheduled for every other Saturday from 4-6pm, starting on July 9. Currently, the following dates are confirmed: July 9, July 23, August 6, and August 20. Stay tuned, as more dates may be added!

If you're interested in having a table to sell your things, you can sign up HERE


Hey, what is this Rozzie Flea Market thing?

The Rozzie Flea Market is a biweekly event where neighbors from Roslindale and beyond can sell a bunch of stuff from their houses! It’s hosted on Birch St. Plaza and organized by the Roslindale Village Main Street Events Committee.


Cool! What can I sell?

Pretty much anything pre-owned and sensible – no guns, ammo, drugs (obviously). No food items. No recalled items. No self-made items (we have a separate Craft Fair for that!). If you can get your items here, and arrange them, so they are not a hazard to people, then you can sell them (or take them away at the end of the night). But remember, this is for neighbors to use – not for commercial enterprises, so don’t go bringing the suits from your Suit Shop or your pants from your Pant Shop. Ultimately RVMS will have a couple of volunteers on site, and they will determine whether you can sell specific things or not.


Sweet. How can I sign up to participate? And does it cost anything?

Excellent! Use this link to sign up for a table for FREE! We have 10 tables max for each session, and please, only sign up for one!


I think I will! What do I need to bring – apart from my stuff to sell?

RVMS will provide you with a table (likely 2’ x 4’ but can be larger). You will supply the tags for your items, a method of taking payments (phone for payment apps such as Venmo, or cash & change, etc.), and anything else you might need (for example, anything used to display your items, bags, etc.).


Anything else I need to know?

Read the full Rules & Regulations here, but otherwise, leave the Plaza as you found it, and have fun, get rid of some stuff, and meet some new neighbors!

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