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Car Crash on Corinth Street 12/18/22

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

UPDATE 1/4/22 - The building is back open! Some businesses have been able to start moving back into their spaces, while others will need to wait for further construction, depending on how heavily their spaces were impacted. See below for updates:

  • Sebastian's Barber Shop is back open today (1/4) and they are seeing customers in the side of their space that wasn't damaged in the crash.

  • Square Root will re-open tomorrow (Thursday 1/5) at 1pm.

  • Threading for Beauty will continue to operate out of Centre Cuts.

  • Village Healing and Wellness and Leise Jones Photography will continue working out of The Substation for now.

UPDATE 12/28/22 - We have more updates from some of the small businesses affected, including their temporary locations and ways you can support them! See the updated list here:

Business Name

​Relocation Information & Other Updates

Sarah has been a professional makeup artist and esthetician for 18 years. She will be offering in-home makeup applications during the holidays, while her office continues to be repaired. She is also offering makeup lessons and beauty parties. Sarah can be contacted at 857-773-3155 and you can check out her work on Instagram @beautifulsbk​

Molly Sebo from Integrative Health Techniques will be using the Muncey Group office this week.

Leise Jones Photography will be working out of The Substation.

Liana C Percoco, Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork will be working out of Akasha Studio's treatment room.

Kerry from Rumore Therapeutic Massage will be working out of Create for the next week.​

Sebastian's Barbershop has placed a few barbers around the square! Ray is temporarily working at Centre Cuts at 6 Belgrade Ave around the corner from the shop. Peter is working at Rialto at 713 South St. Please call 617-323-9448 to book your appointments. Please be patient as they are still working things out. Cash only.

Square Root is currently closed but you can still buy gift cards on their website! These would make an excellent gift for the holidays.

Threading for Beauty will be working out of Centre Cuts and will start welcoming clients in early January.

​Patsy Jean-Pierre, of Village Healing and Wellness, will be working out of an office in The Substation. She will be seeing clients there starting in January.

Andrew from Zen Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork will be working out of Create for the next week. ​

UPDATE 12/22/22 - Our community has rallied around our small business community and together we've raised over $60,000 through the GoFundMe to support them! RVMS is now working with the organizer to distribute the money to the businesses.

Here in the RVMS office we've been hard at work connecting the displaced businesses with new locations and we are proud to say that we have confirmed temporary or long term placements for almost all of the impacted businesses in just 4 days! Thank you to everyone who reached out to us offering resources during this time of need. We couldn't have done this without our amazing community!

See above for updates from some of the small businesses affected, including their temporary locations and ways you can support them. We will continue to update you here and in our newsletter as more information is finalized with these business owners.

UPDATE: 12/19/22 - Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us with spaces and resources for the impacted businesses! More than a dozen local Roslindale businesses have already offered their space to house the displaced businesses and the community has raised over $30,000 with the GoFundMe! Right now, the RVMS office is focusing on connecting impacted businesses with temporary spaces for them to use. We are also working with city and state officials to secure funding and resources for longer-term solutions. As we learn more about the status of the building from the engineers and the requests of the building owners, we will update the community with additional ways you can support them. Thank you all for your amazing contributions so far!

Original Message from 12/18/22 - On the morning of December 18, a car crashed into the businesses at 6 and 8 Corinth Street in Roslindale Village, severely damaging the building and many of the small businesses located inside. This building is an integral part of our small business community, as it is locally owned by the business owners of Square Root and Sebastian's Barbershop and houses 11 small businesses. It is devastating to see the damage of this crash, especially during a time when businesses rely heavily on holiday sales. Many of the business owners impacted live here in Roslindale and have been operating here for decades, including Sebastian’s which has been in the same spot on Corinth for more than 60 years.

We are currently working with city and state officials to secure funding and resources for those impacted by the crash this morning. Additionally, our friend Chris Lang has set up a GoFundMe to help mitigate the costs:

Thank you to Centre Cuts, The Rozzie Square Theater, The Greater Roslindale Medical and Dental Center, Rialto Barber Shop, The Muncey Group, YMAA, Ruff Translating, Unique Salon, The Substation, Rozzie Fitness, Akasha, Create, and everyone else who has already stepped up to offer their space to the businesses displaced by the crash.

Roslindale has come together beautifully to support our small business community. We are so grateful to be part of a neighborhood dedicated to helping their community in times of need. We will continue to share opportunities to help those impacted by the crash. For now, please contribute to the GoFundMe listed above and make an effort to shop locally in Roslindale Village for all of your needs! These businesses rely on our active participation in making Roslindale Village a vibrant commercial district.

If you are a business owner or employee who needs additional assistance or if you could offer your space to those impacted by the crash, please reach out to us at

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support!

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