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Thank you Laura Charles, Interim ED!

Updated: May 20, 2022

After serving as the Interim Executive Director of Roslindale Village Main Street, Laura Charles is stepping down from the role and rejoining the Board of Directors. Laura has served in the role over the past 5 months while the organization grew and transitioned staff members to new roles.

“Laura has brought enthusiasm and a vision of growth to RVMS during her time as Interim ED. Her reliable presence in the office and community has allowed our programs and events to continue, even during a time of organizational change,” said Anna VanRemoortel, incoming Executive Director. “I’ve learned so much from Laura over the past several months, and I know she will continue to positively impact Roslindale on the Board.”

Steve Marcelin, RVMS Event Manager, adds, “My utmost gratitude and respect to Laura for her contributions to the office and RVMS. Nothing is too big or too challenging for her. I have worked with her in many roles. I am excited to see what the future holds for her.”

“On behalf of the Board, we are so grateful to Laura for stepping into the Executive Director role,” said RVMS Board President Anthony Giordano. “The fact that our organization has made the progress it has over the last five months is a testament to Laura’s work ethic and ability to bring people together. We look forward to welcoming her back to the Board.”

Please join us in thanking Laura for her amazing leadership and commitment to our community!

To learn more about Roslindale Village Main Street, please visit our website at or email us at



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