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RVMS Hires Anna VanRemoortel as Executive Director

Updated: May 20, 2022

Roslindale Village Main Street’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Anna VanRemoortel as their next Executive Director.

VanRemoortel is stepping into the Executive Director role after serving as the organization’s Community Manager for the past several months. With a Masters Degree in Sociology and experience supporting various nonprofits in North Carolina and Massachusetts, she brings a strong analytical background paired with a passion for local community and business development.

“Roslindale has quickly become my second home. I knew I wanted to find a job where I could do hyper-local placemaking work so serving as the RVMS Community Manager has been incredibly rewarding,” said VanRemoortel. “Our residents and businesses are eager to get involved in supporting committee projects and events. Every day I am inspired by the enthusiasm in this neighborhood and I am grateful to be part of this work.”

Over the past several months, VanRemoortel has supported RVMS by overseeing committee projects, connecting with business owners, and managing the organization’s marketing efforts.

“Anna has impressed me and the entire RVMS Board with her initiative and leadership in our volunteer committees and throughout the Square, as well as her impact on our digital marketing channels,” said RVMS Board President Anthony Giordano. “We are confident she will bring this same enthusiasm to the Director role.”

As Executive Director, VanRemoortel will work closely with the office staff and the RVMS board to promote Roslindale Village as an appealing destination and dynamic center of the community.

“Roslindale has a rich history of community empowerment and involvement, and RVMS has been a key player in facilitating this work. Just walk around the square and you’ll see the outcome of these efforts in the number of successful locally owned businesses, public art, and open spaces accessible to the community,” said VanRemoortel. "I am excited to support this great organization!"

To learn more about Roslindale Village Main Street, please visit our website at or email us at



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